It’s Not a Flower

Graduation Collection – MA Textile, Swedish School of Textiles

Flowers have played a predominantly decorative rol in the world of textile. Think of a floral dress or your grandmas curtains. In other fields of art the flower has been used metaphorically to signify different meaning. From the renaissance, where flowers signified the female genitalia to the photographs of Robert Mapplethorpe, who photographs flowers the same way he photographed his male nudes.

My MA textile collection aims to explore ways in which textile can be used as a medium for expressing narrative and identity. By contrasting contemporary images of naked female bodies with classical paintings, I try to give a unique perspective to the contemporary discussions about female sexuality and its portrayal in modern media.

I choose to use two textile techniques: double bed circle jacquard knitting and heat transfer print. The combination of these two techniques allowed me to play with the fore- and background of the textile and let them overlap. The resulting three dimensional structure exemplifies the printed image by focussing the attention not only on the print, but on the varying surface of the textiles.